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Luxury Modular Homes

Engineered General Contracting

communities building communities

Building New House Frame

Our Services

​Commercial & Residential:

  • Build-for-Rent

  • Mechanical PE Services​​

  • Single Family Homes

  • Kitchen/Bath Remodels

  • Specialty Rooms

  • Outdoor Living Spaces

  • HVAC

  • Electrical Installation

  • Plumbing



Solution Strategies



Pairing Best Practices

& Innovation

About Us

Engineered GC Services

A driver of economic growth for communities allowing residents, from a rich assortment of diverse backgrounds and experiences, thriving places to live.  This work started in 2009 when Anna (mom) saw a need for better housing options that allow people to stay in one home, not moving from place to place.  After 14 years and 90+ properties in the southeast, her son James, decided to carry on her legacy.  With his extensive professional engineering experience at Stanley Consultants and his desire to continue his mom's vision, we bring Engineered GC Services to our midwest community.


Recent Projects

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